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Raleigh Tuff Burner 40th Anniversary

Raleigh Tuff Burner 40th Anniversary

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40 years later. Still the best bike in town.
You asked, we delivered. The legendary Mk1 Tuff Burner is back.
If you were a BMX kid in the 80s, there’s a few things that are guaranteed to leave you bright-eyed with nostalgia. Bunnyhops. Lacing up your Vans. E.T. hitching a ride in Elliot’s basket. And, of course, the bikes that defined it all.
When it first hit the streets in 1982, the Mk1 Tuff Burner stole hearts with its blazing blue frame and instant icon status. The logos, the snazzy gumwall tyres, the ultra-tough cranks – this sensational machine was a legend in the making. Which is probably why it’s regarded as one of the most iconic Raleigh Burners of all time – and that’s a pretty tall order.
Now this icon is ready to ride again.
In an exclusive limited-edition release, we’ve brought your favourite Burner back from the archives. If you were lucky enough to ride it back in the 80s, you’ll notice this brand-new Tuff Burner is almost an exact replica of the original 1982 bike. The only difference? A tiny change in geometry to make sure this remake rides like an absolute dream for its, let’s say “more experienced” fans . From the Skyway Tuff 20’’ wheels to the blue Aero saddle, you’ll be ready to ride like it’s 1982.
Snag it while you can!
See the Tuff Burner, alongside our previous anniversary Burners, in action with our friends at We Were Rad here: Tuff Burner Video

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